Review of The Renewable Energy Conferences in 2018

Renewable Energy Conferences 2018

Clean energy conferences are a terrific way to network with people in the industry, learn what’s trending and the direction renewable energy companies are heading, as well as the newest technology and policy developments. These events have a tendency to bring together top specialists, business people and policy advisors.

The energy industry is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors worldwide. Professional conferences are a great platform for discussing challenges facing the industry and global warming and finding ways to solve these challenges.

Because of this, expect to see more green energy conventions pop up annually.

Here we will review Best 5 Renewable Energy Conferences in Australia last year in 2018.

Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2018

Where: Halls 5 & 6, Exhibition Centre, ICC Sydney, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

The Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition is the biggest of its kind in Australia, focusing on solar energy storage and intelligent energy. It showcases the latest in clean energy technology advancements, shows new business models and offers a platform for networking and data sharing. The conference itself attracts over 6,000 delegates and features 100 exhibitors and 90 presenters. The event is hosted by the Australian Solar Council and Energy Storage Council.

The conference’s program is focused on three core topics: Smart Energy Solutions, Applied Energy Storage and Professional Development Installer.

On the opening day of the conference, Make Certain to attend Kobad Bhavnagri’s address on State of the Solar and Storage Industry. Mr Bhavnagri is one of Australia’s leading specialists on the transformation of the energy industry and the Head of Australia and Head of Asia-Pacific Economics and Policy in Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Some interesting presentations and talks to keep an eye at this seminar include Lending and Investing in Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects introduced by Investment Director of Risen Energy, Mr John Zhong. His company will put money into an excess of GW of renewable projects in Australia, together with additional investments in storage later on.

An intriguing topic on everyone’s mind nowadays from the energy distance is that of energy storage. The convention has committed a reasonable quantity of time to applied energy storage with many presenters.

A good example of a presentation not to be overlooked would be Ultra-High Power Lithium Batteries and Their Application in the New World of Distributed Generation with a High Penetration of Renewables. Founded by Mr Ike Hong, Vice-President of Kokam Power Solutions. Mr Hong has directed the development of over 182 MW of energy storage systems to date.

Whatever your interest in the renewable energy area, there’s something to appeal to everyone. Be sure to mark your calendar as occupied for April 10-11, as you do not want to miss out with this!

And by the way, it is totally free to attend!

Renewable Energy Conferences 2018

Australian Clean Energy Summit 2018

Where: ICC Sydney, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Australian Clean Energy Summit brings together key decision-makers and stakeholders from different sectors that play a role in clean energy transformation: 500 delegates from over 200 organisations across four continents and attributes 80 plus speakers.

The summit includes a comprehensive program covering important challenges in the clean energy industry which range from policy and finance to technology and innovation developments. The comprehensive program for the 2018 Australian Clean Energy Summit is currently being finalised and not readily available for review at the moment.

It is a great occasion for all those from the clean energy sector to attend, not only to network but to comprehend the business’s challenges, changes and where the industry is heading to.

The summit will also hold a VIP drinks networking occasion such as a gala dinner for attendees.

One of the highlights of this event comprises Clean Energy Council Awards.

Applications are now open (till May 31) for the following categories: Outstanding Contribution to Business Award, Innovation Award, Business Community Engagement Award.

All-Energy Australia Exhibition & Conference 2018

Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

The All-Energy Australia Exhibition & Conference is said to be the best clean energy B2B summit and exhibit in Australia and is sure to be a leading event in the clean energy calendar. Some even stated that the event could be comparable to big stadium events with all the anticipation surrounding.

The display is held in partnership with the Clean Energy Council.

All-Energy Australia focuses on three main clean energy regions: Smart Cities, Energy Storage and Utilities, which can be further broken down into low-carbon transportation, energy storage, smart grid, energy efficiency, renewable energy technology and project developments.

If you’re in the company of selling fresh energy solutions like renewable energy or energy efficiency from a B2B perspective, then this exhibition is right for you.

Among this year’s exhibitors, you can come across stalls of LG Chem, Tesla, GCL, Canadian Solar, Sungrow Power Supply, ABB Australia, SolarEdge, Huawei Tech, Jinko Solar, Fronius Australia etc..

The conference and exhibit, which was held in one of the best conference venues in Melbourne, will also feature a media event for business opportunities and to meet like-minded people in the business.

The event is still accepting presentation applications for various clean energy topics. Should you be interested in presenting a subject-specific to wash energy, see this link for further details.

Registration for All-Energy Australia 2018 will be open in late June.