Things To Expect From Real Estate Technology


The real estate technology industry has been shaped by altering market requirements and changes in customer behaviours. Every year, there are new advances in the world of technology, but which developments are relevant to the real estate industry? This article will identify and explore the future of technology and how it will impact real estate.

For the past decade, emerging tech firms that focus on residential and commercial real estate services and products have moved fast, forcing traditional property companies to rethink their core business units and adopt digital first creations. But while the real estate technology industry starts showing signs of adulthood, employers wondering how they are going to fit into this new age must comprehend the forces which are an essential change.

Here are the most significant property technology trends to watch for in 2018.

The Growth of Transaction-Engagement Focused Tech

During 2017, among the most significant growing trends in real Estate technology has been the change from current trade experiences to some more curated online encounter.

Compass introduced its most recent development from the assignment to modernise property together with the launching of Collections, an interactive online house search tool. Touted as “the Pinterest of property,” Collections empowers home buyers and brokers to arrange, collaborate and discuss hand-picked possessions, finally streamlining the transaction-engagement procedure by greater understanding buyer behaviour.

Chatbots In Real Estate

By Apple’s Siri into the Amazon Echo, chat bots were anyplace in 2017. Chat bots are emerging as strong customer support tools in several businesses. Whether you understood or not, you have probably encountered a chat bot while surfing or purchasing.

When it comes to property, chat bots have the possibility to revolutionise lead generation and client services. By automating the beginning phases of contact between prospects and agents, a property chat bot can be efficient in engaging traffic, leading to higher direct conversions. Chat bots are available around the clock to answer any client questions and pass on queries to brokers to visit as soon as the business day begins, making business more efficient.

Online Real Estate Listings

The rise of online property sales platforms has allowed buyers and sellers to be more informed than ever, as well as access thousands of listings. Some sellers are even diving into selling property privately through these online platforms, therefore not requiring an agent. Technology has shifted the business, and real estate agents need to step up and deliver one of a kind service in order to attract customers.

Blockchain and Real Estate Transactions

Blockchain is a continually growing list of documents, known as blocks, which are connected and fastened using cryptography. It’s famous for keeping track of who possesses digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Advocates of the technology say it could revolutionise property prices and documenting keep prices. A new type of information management has piqued the attention in the real estate business, particularly financial institutions and creditors.

As technologies and innovation in real estate remain to Evolve, one thing is sure: The property sector is long overdue for a shake-up. The transactional property, including leasing and sales in residential and commercial, have been high-value goals by “tech-first” companies. Finally, today’s property technology firms won’t automatically disrupt business but will interrupt heritage businesses which refuse to accommodate.